The Flash Season 3 Premiere Review: Flashpoint

Posted By :- CouchTuner On 2016-10-05 02:28:49

Ok So we're all set for the Season 3 premiere episode of the much talked about show 'The Flash' where fans must be expecting a whole new level of excitement as Barry decides to time travel on this one. He set to change the course of the events happened back in his life. Tries to save his mom something which he couldn't do back then and in the event of doing all this, a lot is changed. Characters throw a much different nature and perspective which we have seen in the previous seasons.

the flash season 3 episode 1 review

He isn't close to Cisco or Iris which will change his altered reality look like a devastating one. Wally interestingly plays 'The Flash' which he refers to 'Kid flash' now. In the middle of all this he is still in possession of old memories from the future and this works in favor of Barry though for a shorter span. He begins to lose his memories whenever he's set to use his powers and this bothers him, and he would turn the clock once again to let 'Reverse Flash' kill his mother and take things under control from there on.

Whether or not, I wanted to see this but for me 'The Flash' reaches a whole new level of storytelling much like the typical CW writers would do to us. In the case of 'Arrow' where last 2 seasons have been just below average for me and nothing but killing the super-hero totally. Its interesting to see if we lose faith on this one as well Only time will tell not like Barry's changed course of time though. :)