No Tomorrow Recap: What do you think?

Posted By :- CouchTuner On 2016-10-05 10:44:22

There are some things which are not under your control, and when you set out to achieve those, you are bound to experience life at fullest. Such is the story for CW's latest offering where Evie(Tori Anderson) is a normal office going girl with eyes full of dreams with not so happening colleagues around her meets Xavier(Joshua Sasse) who tells her that 'Apocalypse' is coming and we're all going to die. So Live life to the fullest that's what he's been chanting all his life and makes the most of it.

No Tomorrow Recap

Xavier is a guy who is just another next door types, sports beard, beanie etc and lives life taking its his last day and spreads messages like this to anyone he meets. And when he rendezvous with Evie, their world go upside down. Evie can't stop thinking about him and her life indeed takes strange turns in presence of him. Finally she decides to throw up everything in hand and life Xavier suggests that only few months left before the end. Whether He's true to his point or only lieing about it just to make Evie's miserable life easy? We will have to find out

This story actually gives viewers a different take on their current life situations where you are reminded of to go easy on everything, live each day to the fullest, never curse about your sorrows, always be happy and spread happiness but something or the other pulls them back, This series give them those lighter moments they need to live their life a more healthy and easy way. Let's hope it catches up some spark among the audience