Marvel's Luke Cage: A Hoodie Hero in a Black Skin

Posted By :- CouchTuner On 2016-10-04 03:47:56

Netflix Luke Cage Marvel's Super-Hero

When I first heard Marvel's creating a character on Netflix from its famous super-hero franchise! I thought It'll be more like its usual things the syfy white people who does more good than the bad and end up finding places in our heart and mind and the whole world go crazy about it. But this time they had something different to offer. A Bad-Ass nature, a black-skin hero who knows no boundaries beyond his limits and can actually act pretty sweet. I take this as a black body in every aspect be it strength, power, vulnerability, Hip-hop (you can't really take that thing out of black people) emotions everything. Created with a sheer desire to impress people, I thought Marvel scores some heavy numbers here. To check the popularity index, my colleagues , my friends everywhere I get to hear people talking about this new shit from Netflix.

On the other hand, Netflix is really gearing up for some good original shows, their favs like 'Orange is the New Black' 'House of Cards' 'Daredevil (Marvel's) 'Jessica Jones (again a Marvel's) the list is long and i guess its going to be endless with the additions like Luke Cage. Luke Cage hits out in every sense and most importantly for the black masses out there that black people can be super-heroes too of course besides being targeted for their color every now and then. Portraying the role of Luke Cage, one of America's First Black Super Hero, Colter says 'Its never easy' we sometimes get interpreted the wrong way and then you realize why did you do it. sporting a hoodie on-screen and that too with black skin can actually do more worse for the community than good. But i thought its best to portray and show the world what you can do with it if you go out there and kick some a** in the acting you have to deliver. It was actually tough for me to stand for the people and I guess with the response we're getting from the audiences. I took the wise decision. We also think the same Mike Colter. All the best for your future endeavors. !!