Mariah Carey features on Empire

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After the shocking end to season 2, while Rhonda and Anika were fighting on the roof and one of them fell down, season 3 was much awaited to unfold the mystery. As we all know now, Rhonda was killed in the empire season 3 premiere, the stage is well set for this season.

With Andre's wife, Rhonda, been killed it will be interesting to see what his next moves will be. We know how volatile he can be which was also potrayed early in the season premiere as Andre hold on to Anika nearly choking her to death. He is seen trying hard coping up with the loss. Cookie and Jamal are the only ones looking there for him. In the second episode of season he is being manhandled and beaten brutaly by police. I felt so pity of him.

On the other hand Lucious is to too selfish to care for anyone else except himself. In season premiere we have seen Lucious and Cookie having some good moments which tends us that he nust be having some good in him and soon after he is seen scolding his Jamal bringing the devil out once again. In the next episode he goes against the Jamal's wish of not performing and staying away from music. Terrence Howard has done such good work for this character that you love to hate Lucious.

Now we have another scenario here. At the end Tariq plants a camera in Bella's teddy bear. what was he trying to do as he knew as he is dealing with Lucious. This was not dragged enough as Lucious came to know about the hidden camera soon in the following episode. Such a Smart a**.

Mariah Carey on Empire

The season is taking some intereting turns and is gonna be amongst growing numbers of viewers. Also, the season will feature some celebrity guests. Mariah Carey is one of them and is playing Kitty, Cookie's friend, who will involving in music collaboration with Jamal. Thi episodes airs on October 5. Taye Diggs will join the series, playing a new character, Angelo Dubois. French Montana will be starring as Lucious’s fellow music mogul, Vaughn.

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