Arrow Season 5 Premiere: Mixed Feelings

Posted By :- CouchTuner On 2016-10-06 02:45:20

Let's agree on one point, we all were eagerly waiting for this Arrow Season 5 premiere episode. And for the most part, It was for the super human who developed like a hero in front of us. 'Oliver Queen', the guy we loved in the beginning but due to some shitty storytelling we got bored and shifted our focus. Now is the chance to love him back or deliver what we owe him.

Arrow Season 5 premiere episode

Season 5 starts with some serious action sequences and face lifts what we've been missing lately. With strong packed actions and ruthlessness he has now, Oliver is looking like a solo hero in what mind-less good super-hero gimmick it became past season. Everything we loved him in season 1 and 2 is back in this premiere episode. On the other hand some new characters are thrown now and they are looking OK for now unless they go on super hero hunger like past seasons. Its all looking good until the things went wrong with Laurel. This one scene I didn't care about or say didn't want in the first place. This makes the storyline weak again, kinda dumb though. Lame like Felicity ditching

Also one new character, 'Dark Archer' in the end looks sppoky and fierce. Let's see how things settle in his presence in the future episodes. But one thing is for sure drama is out, atleast for sometime. Time to pack your bags and go on an action-packed ride baby! Chao!