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Posted By :- CouchTuner On 2016-10-20 03:36:52

There is so much to talk about this episode, even though we did know 'Arrow' at one point was a down-trending topic in Television industry after having successful starting first 2 seasons. It all started when writers cared a little about storyline and mainly putting characters at top unnecessarily diving into whole new drama and genre. Since the story is based on a Super-hero genre, one should stay the same giving audience a taste of what they are looking for.

arrow season 5 episode 3 couchtuner

Nevertheless this season has a lot to offer, starting with first episode its throwing n no. of reasons for audience to find charm again in this series. Talking about this episode particularly 'A Matter of Trust' where we get to see one of Stephen's old friend WWE Wrestler 'Cody Rhodes'. We did see them together last year summer slam where Stephen easily defeated Rhodes in a tag-team match. It all started with that where the bonding between the stars grew and Rhodes was given a chance to appear in Stephen's show in this very 5th season. The Spark, the fire is still there and that's we got to see in this episode. The action scenes are very much lucrative for audience to watch reminds us of very own Arrow from the season 1 and briefly 2. Though the element of stall and fun and wittly lines is still there. I could feel it while watching that the writers still didn't take a cup of coffee to learm from their mistakes from past seasons. Anyway still loving like I should and hoping to get bowled over again.

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