Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 22

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Description by couchtuner for Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 22 : Truck and squad are called to the scene of a building collapse that has trapped more than a dozen victims inside of the rubble. With the structure ready to give way and not much time to react, Chief Boden faces a difficult decision with life-and-death ramifications. In her quest to foster Louie, Dawson throws all her energies into the bureaucratic process necessary to make it happen, but it is the helping hand of a familiar face that gives her a fighting chance. Currently on medical leave, Otis swings by the firehouse and meets his temporary replacement, hoping it is just that but fearing the worst. Meanwhile, Severide and Kidd continue to see each other outside of the firehouse, and Casey and Antonio find themselves at odds and tensions flare.

Watch It Here : Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 22 Where the Collapse Started