Big Brother (US) Season 16 Episode 18

Posted By :- CouchTuner On 2014-08-04 03:53:00

Tonight we will see the finish of the 6th HoH competition that began on the last episode on 31 July. Two new HoH's will be crowned tonight. The 6th Nomination ceremony of the season will be conducted where each of the 2 HoH's will nominate two houseguests each for eviction. Those 4 houseguests will then compete as teams of two against each other in the 6th "Battle of the Block" competition of the summer. The winning team will be removed from the block and be safe from eviction for the week in case someone uses the Veto on another houseguest on the block. This also in turn dethrones the HoH that put those two houseguests up for eviction.

Watch It Here : Big Brother (US) Season 16 Episode 18